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My Reviews:

"January 29th, 2010 11:47 pm

New York is a great city in which to walk. If you want to explore further I can highly recommend the walking tours that Charles Schwartz gives (Native New Yorker Walking Tours). We took two tours with Mr. Schwartz in the Bronx and saw not only beautiful Art Deco buildings along the Grand Concourse but lovely parks and historic homes. A wonderful visit to the Italian Arthur Avenue and City Island made up a second tour. Mr. Schwartz, unlike other tour guides, tailors the tour to your own interests - we mentioned we were interested in jazz, architecture and literature. He was born in New York and is very knowledgeable about each borough. I cannot recommend this interesting, informative and very affordable tour enough. His website is

Bronwen Jamison Vancouver, Canada"

  • Revue dans <<Le Devoir>> 11 décembre 2010

..Charles Schwartz, est un résidant de toujours du Bronx, qu'il connaît donc très bien, en plus des autres quartiers plus courus. Il va sans dire que le fait de se promener dans New York avec un résidant à nos côtés permet d'explorer des facettes hors de la visite touristique habituelle... Nous avons notamment appris 

comment prononcer "Houston" à la sauce new-yorkaise!

Monique Leduc, Saint-Lambert, Canada

Here are some of my popular tours. You are welcome to create your own, customized tour by referring to and incorporating the sights descriptions of the boroughs (left navigation buttons).

Je parle français, Ich spreche Deutsch. Io parlo italiano - un po'

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