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The Buzz from our guests:

We spent some time with Mr Schwartz today and we have to tell you the guy is just great ! A native New Yorker then ? Yes, but much more than you would ever expect. He supersedes the expected profile, by far. First you get a very polite, gentle man, who is courteous, witty and charming. Add to this a very extensive knowledge of all things NYC and you will be delighted! He listens as well as communicating which is refreshingly out of step with his peers. We consider him now to be a friend. As I said a gentle man at a gentle pace.

Take our advice and get in his company if you can . You will re-think the Native New Yorker image ! In a good way. 

Keith, Leeds and Keith, Liverpool (UK)

...Charles Schwartz, est un résidant de toujours du Bronx, qu'il connaît donc très bien, en plus des autres quartiers plus courus. Il va sans dire que le fait de se promener dans New York avec un résidant à nos côtés permet d'explorer des facettes hors de la visite touristique habituelle... Nous avons notamment appris comment prononcer "Houston" à la sauce new-yorkaise!

Monique, (Canada)

Merci encore pour cette visite du Bronx, quartier que nous n'aurions pas osé visiter seuls. Merci pour toutes ces informations sur New York, sur ce quartier et sur ses habitudes de vie, ainsi que pour cette ballade enrichissante et agréable sous le soleil de New York.

Sylvie, Gilbert et Tifenn (France) 

We want to thank you so much, it was a wonderful morning and afternoon with lots of fun and many interesting things to see.

I´m not really back in my hometown yet, my thoughts are still in breathtaking New York.

It was one of the most exciting and best weeks of my life and I will come back soon.

Thank you and all the other lovely NY-people for giving us such a good impression of this unforgettable city !!!

Petra, Daniela, Ralf and Annegret (Germany)

New York is a great city in which to walk. If you want to explore further I can highly recommend the walking tours that Charles Schwartz gives (Native New Yorker Walking Tours). We took two tours with Mr. Schwartz in the Bronx and saw not only beautiful Art Deco buildings along the Grand Concourse but lovely parks and historic homes. A wonderful visit to the Italian Arthur Avenue and City Island made up a second tour. Mr. Schwartz, unlike other tour guides, tailors the tour to your own interests - we mentioned we were interested in jazz, architecture and literature. He was born in New York and is very knowledgeable about each borough. I cannot recommend this interesting, informative and very affordable tour enough.

Bronwen (Canada)

Charles was very welcoming. He explained and taught us a lot. It was like seeing the city with family.

Yael (Israel)

Excellent experience. Enjoyed visiting Brighton Beach and Coney Island which we wouldn't have done on our own -- very helpful and considerate guide who added to our trip to New York.

Paul and Louise (U.K.)

We heard many intersting things about the life in New York and the USA.

Maria-Louise and Wolfgang (Germany)

Charles is an excellent tourguide, and we had a delightful time.

Betty and Glenys (Australia)

We will recommend Charles to our friends ...

Isabelle (Germany)

We would have never gone to Harlem on our own...his knowledge and guidance was so helpful and appreciated and we will most definitely be looking Charles up again the next time we visit NYC to explore another borough we wouldn't dare to explore on our own...

Karen and Barry (Australia)

Charlie was an excellent guide. His knowledge was wide and varied. We appreciated the time we spent with him. We visited areas of New York that we would not have visited on our own.

Willie and Annie (Scotland)

Charles is a great tour guide - patient, knowledgeable and funny. We have recommended Native New Yorker Walking Tours to our friends who will be visiting NYC soon.

Rowena (UK)

I was a little afraid of going on the subways in NYC, but from Native New Yorker I learned it's the best way to get around and it's safe! My trip would never have been so good without Charles' walking tours. He was charming and knowledgeable.

Catherine (Rochester, NY)

I told Native New Yorker Walking Tours that we had 2 1/2 days to see everything we had always wanted to see in New York. After asking for our interests, Charles put together a tour that had us seeing all NYC in that time. We visited Brooklyn Heights, Central Park, Yankee Stadium, took a boat ride, Greenwich Village and was fantastic.

Tom and Liz (Scotland)

Charles Schwartz is a wonderful person who knows his city very well. He really made a difference to our stay.

Myriam (Switzerland)

Jamais nous n’aurions pas faire ce parcous seul.

Jean-Paul et Evelyne (France)

J'ai trouvé Charles très passionné par sa visite et sa ville. L'échange avec un vrai new-yorkais nous a beaucoup enrichi. C'est une expèrience que nous ne sommes pas prêtes oublier.

Victoria et Christiane (France)

I can't say enough about Charles. He gave us the rare opportunity to have a local, personal tour guide who knows the city so well and his advice was invaluable!

Jennifer and David (Canada)

Mr. Schwartz is a very nice person. He understood our expectations and gave us a view of New York that we never would have had without him. He was very generous, and we enjoyed our time with him.

Agnieska (Italy)

Explored neighborhoods outside of Manhattan. I will make sure to recommend him to others.

Meeghan (USA)

Charles was an excellent guide and made our visit to Brooklyn most enjoyable!

Marina (Republic of Ireland)

Charles made us both feel very welcome in NY. Nothing was too much trouble or time. It was very interesting to hear a local insight into some of the buildings and history that may not have been found in a guide book. Explore an area in a shorter space of time due to not getting lost or following the correct route.

Fiona (UK)

We were able to visit a beautiful neighborhood in Forest Hills. - away from Manhattan - that we would not have gone to on our own.

Carol and Jim (USA) of the highlights of our holiday

Graeme (Scotland)

Wouldn’t have had confidence to take disability scooter on the subway and bus!

Julie (UK)

We would not have just walked, and we would not have learned some interesting facts! Your tour was one of the highlights of our trip.... the opportunity to see NYC through the eyes of a NYer was a unique and exciting experience.

Lori and Brian (Canada)

Charles was wonderful. Such a big city yet it was like having a friend or relative there...It allowed me to not only see tourist attractions but how some New Yorkers live. Wonderful.

Rod (Australia)

I got a very good impression about what The Bronx looks like - and not what the medias tell you.

Stefanie (Switzerland)

Charles was great company and flexible and creative in meeting our vague ideas about what we would like to see. He also answered many other questions on culture, politics and history --- knowledgeably.

Helene and Amelia (Australia)

Nous avons passé un très bon moment en votre compagnie et Aurélie

parle encore de vos connaissances en géologie (??! en pierres et


Notre séjour à NY a été très agréable, un bien bon souvenir!

Aurélie, Lucile et Marie (France)